• Our Packaging Is Plastic-Free

    Our Packaging Is Plastic-Free

    We're passionate about being eco-friendly here at FiT Swimwear (and at our luxury swimwear sister-brand Robb & Lulu), so we're always looking for ways to be more sustainable as a business. That's why we're so proud to use plastic-free, biodegradable packaging for all of our pieces. This is not only for the mailer bags that we send our products out to you in, but also for the garment...
  • Fashion Revolution: Who Made My Swimwear?

    Fashion Revolution: Who Made My Swimwear?

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    Here at FiT Swimwear, we're passionate about bringing you performance swimwear that is not just sustainable, but is also made ethically. So with Fashion Revolution Week on this month (a global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry), we wanted to show you who makes our eco swimwear and clothes. Our pieces are made ethically in India, in a small, female-run factory, where...
  • Earth Day 2019: How To Get Involved

    Earth Day 2019: How To Get Involved

    This coming Monday 22nd April is Earth Day! Now in its 49th year, Earth Day is a global initiative that encourages us all to take action towards creating a more sustainable planet. One of their biggest focus' is combatting plastic pollution, especially from single-use plastics. Here are some simple things you can do to get involved (on Earth Day and everyday): Bring your own reusable water...
  • FiT Tips for Healthy Holiday’s

    FiT Tips for Healthy Holiday’s

       Holiday Season is usually the time for a little overindulgence and celebration – feasts and toasts and spending time with loved ones can often lead to a little bit of neglect when it comes to our health. Nobody wants to feel like they need to start the new year detoxing so we put together our favourite FiT Tips for staying (relatively) healthy during...
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