Fashion Revolution: Who Made My Swimwear?

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Here at FiT Swimwear, we're passionate about bringing you performance swimwear that is not just sustainable, but is also made ethically.

So with Fashion Revolution Week on this month (a global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry), we wanted to show you who makes our eco swimwear and clothes.

Fashion Revolution Week - Ethically Made Sustainable Athletic Swimwear

Our pieces are made ethically in India, in a small, female-run factory, where workers have fair and safe conditions, and living wages.

Jyoti, the business proprietor and founder, established her business to set an example for women (especially mothers) in business, and she endeavours to support single mothers, as well as all local women and men - providing them with new technical skills.

Meet some of the team...

FiT ethical eco performance swimwear - Fashion Revolution Week

FiT ethical eco performance swimwear - Fashion Revolution Week

FiT fairly made sustainable performance swimwear - Fashion Revolution Week

FiT by Robb and Lulu eco athletic swimwear

"We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to age, race, creed, religion, colour and sex.

This policy governs all areas of our employment – including recruiting, training, assignments, compensation, benefits, discipline and terminations.

At our facility, we make sure that everyone who is involved in producing garments is treated equally, fairly and well. We ensure that our employees have a good and safe working environment, and receive living wages".

- Jyoti, the head of our manufacturing team

FiT ethical sustainable athletic swimwear by Robb and Lulu Australia

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  • Posted on by Meggy McVey

    Over at Hakuna Wear, we are stoked to read this! We feel the same about making sure our brand represents ethical and sustainable swim/surf wear. Just because suits can be made out of susantiable materials, that doesn’t mean it was ethically made. Thank you for sharing this! We are posting a blog about this soon as well. Check us out :)

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