FiT Swimwear is a game changer. We are leading the market by combining high fashion design, and hand illustrations, with athletic performance swimwear.

A big part of what makes our swimwear so revolutionary is the high-tech Italian fabric. Our Econyl® is ULTRA chlorine resistant, and with the addition of Xtra Life Lycra®,  it will last 5 times longer than its average chlorine-resistant competitor.  

The Xtra Life Lycra® allows Fit Swimwear to retain its elasticity and compression power through any kind of training.

On top of this, Econyl® is made from 100% regenerated nylon. We are so proud to support the Econyl regeneration system, which turns waste into wear. This system can be endlessly repeated without any loss in material quality, and has massive potential to significantly reduce nylon waste.

Our Australian swimwear brand has been proven to stand up to chlorine with no signs of damage for up to 240 hours.  

Our fabric also has a 50+ UPF rating, which blocks 97.5% of all UV Radiation from the sun.

Although our fabric is comfortable, smooth, and lightweight, it’s resistant to suntan and oils, so you can use your swimsuit for everything from training, to relaxing.

All of these elements combined create an amazingly engineered piece of athletic training swimwear

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